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Amianto Provides Asbestos Testing in St Albans

The use of asbestos in any type of building work has been illegal in the UK since 1999 but its legacy is still with us and will be for many years to come. As recently as 2017, the West Herts Hospital Trust which runs St Albans Hospital was fined £55,000 and ordered to pay costs of a further £35,000 for having put its staff at risk of exposure to asbestos. The Chief Executive explained that the use of asbestos as part of the fabric of the building is common in hospitals constructed in the mid-twentieth century. The Hospital Trust is now carrying out asbestos surveys for St Albans hospital in order to eliminate the potential for further exposure.

Who Can Provide Asbestos Testing in St Albans?

The management of a dangerous substance such as asbestos requires trained professionals, in order to ensure that the dispersal of asbestos fibres is contained. If you own, manage, or are living in premises where you suspect there may be asbestos, it’s important that you don’t investigate yourself, but rather you contact HSE licensed asbestos removal and asbestos management experts to undertake asbestos testing in St Albans. Amianto provides HSE accredited third party consultants to carry out Hertfordshire asbestos testing. Post-analysis Amianto will efficiently remove asbestos where it poses a danger, and create an effective management plan to minimise risk of exposure.

Why Choose Amianto for Asbestos Testing in St Albans?

Amianto has been providing HSE accredited third party consultants to carry out asbestos surveys for St Albans clients in hospitals, warehouses, schools and council owned properties for over 20 years now. The services we offer a driven by the highest regard for health and safety, customer service, and a pride in the professionalism we bring to every job.

Find out more about our Asbestos testing in St Albans by speaking to our friendly customer service team on 01707 707050 today.


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