Asbestos Removals in Hertfordshire

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Asbestos was used as a common building material across the mid-20th century, and is especially prevalent in Hertfordshire homes built during or around the 1970s. Unfortunately, asbestos is now know to be a potentially dangerous substance, and it should be removed from domestic dwellings where possible.

Asbestos Removals in Hertfordshire

If you have found asbestos in your home, or believe that asbestos may be present in your home, then your first action should be to call a professional asbestos removal company, such as Amianto. Absestos is now known to be hazardous to human health, and is designated as a ‘known human carcinogen’. The special handling and removal techniques used by professionals such as Amianto will safely and effectively remove this material from your home, giving you and your family peace of mind.

Professional Asbestos Removal in Hertfordshire

Amianto’s three-fold approach to dealing with Hertfordshire asbestos removals:

  • Identifying properties that may be at risk of contamination due to their age, location and construction type
  • Locating the exact location, extent and type of suspected asbestos containing materials (ACMs) used, employing a licensed asbestos removal contractors for specialist analysis
  • Removing all traces of the ACMs using a four-part removal process that meets up-to-date health and safety regulations and legal requirements, ensuring resident safety at all times

Asbestos can be found in many commercial buildings, and was not outlawed for use in commercial properties until the year 2000. Exposure to it causes an estimated 5000 deaths every year, so it is vital that asbestos is removed from commercial properties as soon as it is identified. As one of the top Hertfordshire Asbestos removal companies, we are uniquely placed to help you with all your asbestos identification and removal.

Commercial Asbestos Removal in Hertfordshire

If you are concerned that your commercial premises may contain asbestos, then it is vital that you contact an asbestos removal contractor immediately. Exposure to asbestos can cause serious and life-threatening damage to health, including certain cancers that affect the lungs, heart and abdomen. As a business owner who either owns or rents a commercial space, the health and wellbeing of your customers and employees is your responsibility, and ignoring their exposure to asbestos is negligent.

Asbestos can be found in a number of places, including roof structures, insulation boards, cavity walls, cement floors, and guttering and pipe work. Asbestos fibres may not be visible to the naked eye, which is why it is vital that you contact a Hertfordshire-based asbestos removal company to come and assess your property as soon as possible.

Amianto can safely remove and dispose of any asbestos present in your commercial property. We offer professional licenced asbestos removal throughout Hertfordshire, and can assist you with:

  • Identification of any and all commercial properties which may be at risk of asbestos contamination, due to their age, location, and type of construction, as well as locating any suspected asbestos containing materials (ACMs) within the premises.
  • Undertaking extensive testing of samples taken from your premises using a accredited laboratory
  • Remove all traces of asbestos using a four-stage removal process that meets all regulations and legal requirements, including those found in the Control of Asbestos Regulations act, 2012.

The presence of asbestos in a property can have a detrimental effect on the health of anyone who disturbs it. Conducting proper asbestos surveys to pinpoint the precise location and extent of any suspected Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) is vital to ensure public health and safety, and to organise effective containment and removal.

Professional Surveying and Asbestos Removal in Hertfordshire

Amianto works with HSE accredited third party consultants, who undertake thorough and exhaustive surveys to assess the levels of ACMs present in any building or commercial property. As the number one asbestos removal company in Hertfordshire, we will ensure that your survey is carried out in a timely and efficient manner, by accredited experts.

If asbestos containing materials are found in your property, we will first and foremost remove it. However, once the asbestos has been removed, the property must be once again surveyed and assessed to ensure it is clean and fit for reoccupation or demolition. Amianto work alongside licensed asbestos removal contractors to ensure all air monitoring complies with the ISO17025 standard, in order to carry out this survey process.

Identify the risk from asbestos in your Hertfordshire commercial property, with Amianto asbestos removal contractors.

Amianto have a wealth of experience in dealing with the identification, monitoring and safe removal of any and all ACMs in commercial and residential properties throughout the Hertfordshire area. We provide the following services:

  • Background monitoring: ensuring that any airborne fibre levels are below the minimum recommended limit of quantification prior to any remedial work.
  • Leak (enclosure check) monitoring: ensuring air samples are continually measured outside the working enclosure to assess the enclosure integrity.
  • Clearance air monitoring: ensuring the safety of the premises using ongoing monitoring and visual inspections.
Asbestos Removals in Hertfordshire

Experts in safe and effective asbestos identification and removal

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