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Throughout the 20th century asbestos was used in a wide range of construction materials used for housing development. By the latter part of the century a large body of evidence demonstrated that this cheap and readily accessible material was hazardous to human health. It showed that if airborne fibres are inhaled over a period of time, it could cause a range of health issues including lung cancer, breathing problems, and mesothelioma.

In 1999 asbestos was banned for use in UK construction materials. It legacy however, remains. If you home was built between 1900-1985 there’s a strong possibility that asbestos was used in the lagging, roofing, tiling or plasterwork. Where asbestos is discovered, and is designated as a risk, the HSE recommendation is for professional removal by licensed asbestos contractor in Reading.

Amianto provides clients across Reading with asbestos surveys, management planning and prompt removal.


Unfortunately the UK has a deadly legacy to deal with, thanks to the extensive use of asbestos in construction works throughout the 20th century. There are, therefore, thousands of commercial buildings that contain this hazardous substance in plasterwork, tiling, roofing and lagging. Long-term exposure to asbestos still causes up to 5,000 workplace deaths each year, and the HSE considers it the largest threat we face.

Commercial Asbestos Removal Solutions For Reading

Commercial premises that were built between 1900-1985 are likely to contain asbestos. Whilst it remains in an inert state the risk to health is low. Should it be damaged through renovation or construction works, however, it could prove an extremely serious risk to health. If you own or manage premises that fall into this category, it is your responsibility to manage the risk of asbestos.


Asbestos contamination in a commercial or residential building has the potential to have devastating impact on occupants’ health should it be disturbed. Knowing the location and extent of asbestos use in a building is key to managing its safe removal.

Professional Asbestos Surveys and Removal in Reading

Amianto is a trusted local asbestos contractor, providing HSE licensed services. These include: surveys, air monitoring, asbestos management and safe asbestos removals.

All our asbestos surveys are carried out by accredited third party consultants. First, the premises are inspected for ACMs. Second, samples are collected and sent for analysis to UKS accredited labs.

Should our report show that ACMs have been discovered, Amianto can arrange for the safe removal and disposal of the asbestos on your premises. Once this is complete, we carry out a second survey to ensure that the environment is entirely safe. We require compliance with the ISO17025 standard before sign off.

Amianto asbestos services:

Surveys and Testing: This process locates and identifies the extent of asbestos contamination. Samples are analysed at UCAS accredited laboratories. Should the asbestos be found to be hazardous, careful management and monitoring of the removals site will be initiated promptly.

Removal and Monitoring: If hazardous asbestos is discovered, it’s important to seal off the site throughout the removals process. This is done to avoid further contamination of airborne particles. Frequent leak testing will check the integrity of the seal throughout.

Post Removal: Once your Reading premises have been cleared of asbestos, Amianto will carry out a post removal survey. This includes a visual inspection, and air monitoring to check that the concentration of asbestos fibres complies with ISO17025

Asbestos Removal Reading

Amianto is a trusted, HSE accredited, asbestos removals contractor in Reading

Amianto is a highly rated, HSE accredited, asbestos removals contractor in Reading. If you would like the Amianto team to carry out a survey, or a managed asbestos removal in Reading, call the team today on 01707 707050.

Amianto provides asbestos identification and removal for domestic, commercial and industrial premises in the private and public sectors. For professional asbestos surveys in Reading call us on 01707 707050 to find out more