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Amianto is currently providing asbestos services to clients across Peterborough. We’re an HSE licensed company offering asbestos removals, surveys and sampling. If you want to know more about our domestic or commercial services, call Amianto on 01707 707050.


Asbestos was widely used by the UK construction industry throughout the 20th century. A plentiful supply of asbestos made it a cost effective insulating material for use in roofing materials, floor tiles, lagging, and plasterwork. By the latter part of the century research had emerged to demonstrate the hazards to health represented by asbestos. As a result it was banned for use in 1999.

The extensive use of asbestos means that the majority of houses built in the 1900s contain asbestos in one form or another. Because of this, we would recommend that anyone considering buying a 20th century property in Peterborough has a Domestic Asbestos Survey carried out. This is a non-intrusive, visual inspection of the property which determines the risk of asbestos being present. If hazardous forms of asbestos are found, we can remove it, and dispose of it safely.



The use of asbestos in the construction of commercial properties was banned in 1999. Workplaces built during the 20th century, though, are likely to have Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) embedded in the fabric of the building. It’s a legal requirement, therefore, for commercial building managers, to carry out commercial asbestos surveys in all premises constructed over 20 years ago.

If asbestos is found in your workplace, it needs to be risk assessed and actively managed. A commercial asbestos survey is a non-intrusive, visual inspection of the premises and – where possible – plant. In most cases, where asbestos is found, it will be in a non-hazardous form. If damaged, or exposed asbestos is found it will need to be removed by an HSE licensed company. If a refurbishment or demolition is planned, an asbestos survey is mandatory.


If you’re worried that a domestic or commercial property may contain asbestos, a survey can put your mind at rest. Our domestic and commercial surveys are primarily visual. If the surveyors find potentially hazardous asbestos, they’ll send samples to UKAS accredited laboratories for analysis.

Amianto work with 3rd party consultants who carry out a range of asbestos surveys in Peterborough.

  • Domestic Surveys. If you’re thinking of purchasing an older property, a domestic survey will determine whether asbestos containing materials (ACMs) were used in its construction. This is a visual inspection, with a full report of findings.
  • Commercial Surveys. For managers of commercial premises constructed in the 1900s there is a legal requirement to have an asbestos survey carried out. This is a non-intrusive, visual inspection, with a full report of findings.
  • Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys. An asbestos survey is mandatory if refurbishment or demolition of 20th century commercial premises is planned. This survey is an intrusive inspection of the building fabric. If asbestos containing materials (ACMs) are discovered they’ll need to be professionally removed.

Professional Asbestos Removals in Peterborough

There are currently 5,000 asbestos related deaths reported to HSE each year. Many of these cases relate to sustained asbestos inhalation decades ago, before its use was highly regulated. Amianto is licensed by the HSE to safely remove and dispose of hazardous asbestos. Our employees are all trained and experienced professionals.

  • Removal & Monitoring. If a survey finds asbestos containing materials that are considered hazardous, the site will be sealed in preparation for removal. We use ongoing leak testing to ensure that the risk to health is contained.
  • Post Removal. Once we’ve successfully removed asbestos in Peterborough, Amianto professionals will carry out air monitoring tests. The site remains sealed until the air quality complies with the ISO17025 standard.

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Amianto is an HSE licensed asbestos contractors for Asbestos Removals and Surveys. We work with domestic, commercial and industrial clients across the Peterborough region. If you would like more information on asbestos removals and surveys, call us on 01707 707050.

If you are worried that your property or premises in Peterborough may contain asbestos, contact Amianto on 01707 707050