Asbestos Removal Oxford

Amianto are providers of choice for the safe removal of asbestos in Oxford. Our HSE accredited team provides high quality skills and experience when managing hazardous materials. For details of our comprehensive asbestos removals services, call the experts on 01707 707050


Asbestos was banned for use in all construction material the UK in 1999. For 100 years prior to that it had been a cheap and popular building material which was used in roofing, insulation and ceiling tiles. Evidence relating to the extremely harmful effects of asbestos inhalation started to emerge in the early decades of the twentieth century, but it continued to be used in domestic building developments until the mid-1980s. Anyone discovering asbestos in their home or outbuildings is advised by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) to arrange for removal by licensed contractors.


Asbestos may no longer be licensed for use in the construction of commercial buildings but its legacy is still very much with us. Over 2,500 deaths caused by mesothelioma were recorded in 2018, and a similar number of asbestos-related lung cancer deaths makes it an ongoing, and significant risk to public health. For owners and managers of commercial buildings, the monitoring and management of asbestos by licensed contractors is a legal obligation. Detailed asbestos surveys are required prior to any demolition or refurbishment work.


Any Oxford buildings constructed between 1900-1980 are highly likely to contain asbestos. So long as it isn’t disturbed, the asbestos is defined as ‘latent’ which means that it’s not deemed a health hazard. In the event of any building works, however, the risks of releasing deadly asbestos microscopic fibres into the atmosphere, become severe and need to be dealt with effectively. As an Oxford asbestos removals contractor, our HSE accredited 3rd party consultants regularly carry out asbestos surveys to locate latent asbestos, identify samples, and manage its safe removal.

Professional Surveying and Asbestos Removal in Oxford

Amianto leads the way when it comes to the removal of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) in Oxford.

Our HSE accredited 3rd party consultants carry out asbestos testing. They will locate ACMs and test samples of the asbestos found. All testing processes take place in accredited laboratories, following the guidelines set out by current UK legislation.

If latent asbestos is found on your premises, and there are no scheduled building works, the risk will be recorded and monitored but the asbestos will be left undisturbed. If the asbestos is damaged, or the building is scheduled for refurbishment or demolition, the Amianto asbestos removal team will safely dispose of the hazardous material.

One removal is complete, we carry out a second survey which includes air monitoring. This is to ensure that the concentration of asbestos particles in the air complies with the ISO17025 standard.

If you are concerned that your Oxford property may contain asbestos, call Amianto asbestos contractors today in order to initiate a survey.

The HSE has strict standards for the regulation of asbestos removal. All Amianto asbestos removal specialists have the appropriate skills, qualifications and experience to equip them for professional asbestos removal.

We have a trained and experienced team of asbestos experts who provide the following services:

Surveys and Testing – ascertaining whether or not asbestos is present and in what form. Air monitoring determines the concentration of airborne fibres and calculates the level of risk.

Removal and Monitoring – whilst asbestos removal is taking place, the area is completely sealed off. Leak air testing checks the ongoing integrity of the seal.

Post Removal – once Oxford asbestos removal is completed, the Amianto team will carry out an immediate visual inspection of the site, and monitor the air quality before allowing public access.

Asbestos Removal Oxford

Amianto guarantees prompt identification, and effective asbestos removal in Oxford.

If you would like to put an Asbestos Management Plan in place, contact Amianto, the leading asbestos removal contractors in Oxford, on 01707 707050.

We offer asbestos identification and removal for domestic, commercial and industrial premises in both the public and private sectors. For comprehensive asbestos surveys across Oxford, call us on 01707 707050 to find out more.