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Amianto offers HSE licensed asbestos removal services in Nottingham. We also provide surveys and asbestos management for the commercial and domestic sectors. Find out more on 01707 707050.


Asbestos was used extensively in the building of houses throughout the 20th century. It was considered a cost-effective insulating material in tiles, corrugated roofing and lagging. By the latter half of the century there was clear evidence that asbestos was hazardous to human health, and it was banned in 1999. Asbestos is made up of microscopic fibres which are dangerous once they become airborne. This is because they can easy be inhaled and lodge deep in your lungs. Sustained asbestos inhalation can lead to chronic respiratory diseases, lung cancer, or mesothelioma.

There are still thousands of homes in Nottingham built prior to 1999 which contain asbestos to this day. If you’re buying, or selling a 20th century property, or you’re planning refurbishments, it’s a good idea to have an Asbestos Survey carried out. This is a non-disruptive, visual inspection followed up with a detailed report.

For an Asbestos Survey, call Amianto, Nottingham on 01707 707050. We’re local asbestos specialists and can arrange your survey promptly.


Throughout the 20th century a lack of awareness as to the hazards of asbestos meant that thousands of workers breathed it in every day. We’re still living with the legacy of this tragedy. The HSE reports over 5,000 deaths each year, as a result of asbestos inhalation decades ago.

Asbestos is still the biggest occupational health hazard in the UK. Consequently, any commercial premises in Nottingham built prior to 1999 are legally required to carry out an Asbestos Survey. Should asbestos be discovered, it needs to be risk assessed and actively managed.

Amianto provides Commercial Asbestos Surveys. These are non-disruptive visual inspections carried out by asbestos specialists, and followed up with detailed reports of findings. Should damaged Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) be found, Amianto can remove the hazardous materials safely.

For a Commercial Asbestos Survey, call Amianto, Nottingham on 01707 707050. We’re local asbestos specialists and can arrange your survey promptly.


Many of the buildings in Nottingham pre-date 1999, which means that they’re likely to contain asbestos in one form or another. In the majority of cases Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) will be inert, which means they’re of no immediate danger. If, however, damaged ACMs are discovered, or refurbishment works threaten disturbance, asbestos will need to be removed.

Amianto is an HSE licensed company providing Asbestos Surveys for commercial and domestic properties in Nottingham. These non-disruptive inspections determine whether Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) are present in the building.

If extensive refurbishment or demolition is planned, an Asbestos Survey is mandatory. If asbestos is found it must be removed and disposed of safely.

The Amianto team is licensed to carry out:

1. Surveys and Testing. The initial task of the team is to discern whether or not ACMs are present. If any traces are found, samples will be sent to UKAS accredited labs for analysis. The subsequent report will determine whether removal is necessary.

2. Removal and Monitoring. If hazardous materials are found, the site will be cleared and sealed. Leak testing is carried out throughout the removals process to ensure the integrity of the seal is maintained.

3. Post Removal Testing. Once Nottingham premises have been cleared of asbestos, the Amianto team will carry out another survey. This includes a visual inspection, and air monitoring to test that the environment now meets with the ISO17025 standard.

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Asbestos Removal Nottingham

Amianto provides asbestos surveys and reliable removals in domestic, industrial and commercial properties across Nottingham.

We offer asbestos identification and removal for domestic, commercial and industrial premises in both the public and private sectors. For asbestos surveys and removal across Nottingham, call Amianto on 01707 707050.

For asbestos removals in Nottingham call Amianto on 01707 707050.