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Amianto offers professional, HSE licensed, asbestos removal for domestic and commercial clients in Norfolk. We’re leading UK contractors for asbestos surveys, management and disposal.

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Asbestos was widely used in the construction industry throughout the 20th century. As an effective, easily available insulation material it was utilised in a huge number of buildings across the UK. Popular applications include roofing, floor tiles, lagging and duct connectors. In the latter part of the century, overwhelming evidence showed the extent to which asbestos could impact health when inhaled.

Asbestos was banned for use in the UK in 1999. Its legacy remains, though. Many of us live in houses built prior to the 1980s and they’re likely to contain ACMs (Asbestos Containing Materials). The extent of ACMs can be determined by an asbestos survey. This is a non-instrusive visual investigation. If damaged asbestos is discovered, or where damage may be caused by DIY, the HSE recommends removal by a licensed removals contractor in Norfolk.



The HSE is currently reporting 5,000 deaths from asbestos each year and the number is expected to grow. The victims inhaled asbestos fibres in their workplace, often over 50 years ago. The symptoms associated with asbestos inhalation can take decades to show. When they do, it’s often too late to do anything about it. Diseases associated with asbestos include chronic lung conditions, lung cancer, and mesothelioma.

We now know the hazards of unmanaged asbestos in the workplace. Asbestos surveys are legally required for commercial premises that were constructed prior to 1999. Should a business working out of a pre-1999 building be planning major refurbishment, or demolition, an R&D asbestos survey is a mandatory requirement.

An asbestos survey determines whether or not asbestos removal in Norfolk is required. If this is the case the operation should be carried out by an HSE licensed contractor.


Asbestos surveys investigate whether a building contains ACMs; they assess the condition of the asbestos, and determine the risk of disturbance. Amianto 3rd party consultants offer a range of asbestos surveys in Norfolk.

  • Domestic Surveys. Of you’re looking to purchase, or sell, a property that was constructed over 20 years ago, it would be advisable to have a domestic asbestos survey carried out. It’s a visual, non-intrusive investigation carried out by asbestos specialists. The survey will determine whether or not ACMs are present in the building.
  • Commercial Surveys. Of you’re an owner, or building manager, of premises constructed over 20 years ago, there is a legal requirement for you to carry out an asbestos survey. This is a non-intrusive, visual survey of the building surfaces, and plant (where accessible). If ACMs are discovered they will need to be risk-assessed and managed.
  • Refurbishment & Demolition Surveys. If you’re planning major refurbishment, or demolition, of a building constructed over 20 years ago an R&D survey is mandatory. This is an aggressive inspection of the building fabric which seeks to discover whether asbestos is present. If asbestos is found it will need to be professionally removed and disposed of.
  • Refurbishment & Demolition Surveys. Prior to any major works, a detailed asbestos survey needs to be carried out. This is an intrusive survey which will aggressively investigate the structure of the building in order to determine whether asbestos is present. If asbestos is found, it will need to be removed prior to demolition or refurbishment.

Professional Asbestos Removals in Norfolk

There are strict regulations governing the removal of asbestos from buildings in Norfolk. Amianto is an HSE licensed asbestos contractor working in the city. Our employees are all skilled, accredited asbestos specialists with a wealth of experience to bring to each job. All asbestos surveys are carried out according to current UK legislation guidelines.

Removal and Monitoring – if asbestos is discovered and identified as a potential hazard, the site will be sealed immediately. Amianto specialists will carry out regular leak testing to ensure the site remains secure, and the health and safety of the public will be our priority whilst removing asbestos.

Post Removal – once Norfolk premises are cleared of asbestos , the operation is followed up with further air monitoring and visual inspection. The site will remain sealed until we are absolutely sure that the concentration of asbestos particles in the environment complies with the ISO17025 standard.

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Asbestos Removal Norfolk

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