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Amianto offers asbestos removal, sampling and surveys for clients in East London. We’re HSE licensed providers with a local reputation and decades of experience dealing with Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs). For information on all our services, call Amianto on 01707 707050.


The vast majority of houses built in the UK throughout the course of the twentieth century are likely to contain asbestos in one form or another. This is because asbestos is an excellent insulating material, and it has always been in plentiful supply. Once research emerged in the latter part of the century about the hazards of inhaling asbestos, however, its use became limited and by 1999 it was completely banned.

House buyers in East London considering older properties, or planning to refurbish a 20th century property, would benefit from a Domestic Asbestos Survey. This is a non-intrusive, visual inspection by asbestos specialists. It will determine the likelihood that your house contains ACMs (Asbestos Containing Materials). Where the asbestos is hazardous, it should be removed and safely disposed of by professionals.



There is currently 6 million tonnes of asbestos contained in the structure of 1.5 million buildings – including schools and hospitals. Despite the ban on asbestos in 1999, its deadly legacy continues to pursue us into the 21st century. Because of this, anyone managing commercial premises that were constructed prior to 1999 has a legal responsibility to actively manage the risk of asbestos exposure.

The first step towards asbestos risk management in East London is a commercial asbestos survey. This is a non-intrusive visual inspection that will ascertain the potential risk of asbestos on your premises. If damaged asbestos is found, it will need to be found and disposed of by asbestos professionals. If you’re planning refurbishment or demolition, an asbestos survey is mandatory.


If you have concerns about whether your home or commercial premises contain asbestos, an asbestos survey will provide peace of mind. If it’s likely that asbestos is present, samples will be taken for analysis at UKAS laboratories. Amianto work with 3rd party consultants who carry out a range of asbestos surveys in East London.

  • Domestic Surveys. If you’re a home-buyer and you’re thinking of buying an older property, you will want an asbestos survey carried out. This is a non-intrusive, visual inspection followed up by a full report detailing the findings and the risks involved.
  • Commercial Surveys. If you own, or manage workplace premises more than 20 years old you have a legal requirement to carry our an asbestos survey. It’s a non-intrusive, visual inspection of the premises, and a subsequent report will detail the findings.
  • Refurbishment & Demolition Surveys. Any major refurbishment, or demolition of a building constructed prior to 1999, requires a mandatory R&D asbestos survey. This is an intrusive inspection of the building fabric. If asbestos is discovered it has to be professionally removed and disposed of before works or demolition can proceed.

Professional Asbestos Removals in East London

Asbestos inhalation remains the cause of 5,000 workplace-related deaths each year. For this reason there are strict regulations governing its removal. Amianto is an HSE licensed asbestos removals contractor providing local services in East London. Our employees are highly trained professionals with extensive experience in the safe removal of asbestos.

  • Removal & Monitoring. If asbestos is discovered, and considered to be hazardous to human health, the site will be sealed immediately. The Amianto asbestos team will then carry out ongoing leak testing to ensure the integrity of the site throughout removals.
  • Post Removal. Once an East London site has been cleared, further air monitoring and visual inspections are carried out. We retain the seal on the site until we can guarantee that the concentration of asbestos fibres in the air complies with the ISO17025 standard.

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Asbestos Removal East London

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