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Amianto are leading providers of asbestos removal in Cambridge. We survey, manage and remove hazardous materials for the domestic and commercial sectors across the city. To find out more about the range of services we offer, call our HSE accredited team on 01707 707050.


Asbestos was used as an insulating material in construction throughout the UK, right up until the 1980s. It was the popular choice because it was cheap to source and easily accessible. As a result it was used in a range of construction materials including corrugated roofing, tiles, and lagging. By the late 1980s a body of evidence had been amassed, demonstrating the hazardous nature if the material, and the danger to health  caused by breathing in the airborne fibres.

Asbestos was banned in 1999, but its legacy remains in homes, commercial buildings and civic premises built before then. It’s important to ascertain whether your home or premises contains asbestos. If it does, the HSE recommends management and/or removal by licensed contractors in Cambridge. Amiato offers prompt, effective asbestos surveys for Cambridge homes and premises.

If you are worried that your Cambridge property may contain asbestos, call Amianto HSE licensed asbestos removals on 01707 707050. We’re the local experts and we’ll survey your property straight away.


The ban in 1999 didn’t bring an end to workplace-associated asbestos hazards. Currently, cancer caused by asbestos exposure is the largest occupational health danger. Each year in the UK around 5,000 people die from work-related asbestos exposure. If you manage or own commercial premises that were built before 1980, it is your responsibility to find out if asbestos has been used in its construction. If it has, it needs to be assessed and managed.

Asbestos can cause cancer if inhaled. It’s a workplace threat that needs to be taken extremely seriously. Amianto HSE licensed asbestos removals have the skills and experience to offer advice and guidance.


A large proportion of Cambridge properties, built between 1900-1880, will contain asbestos in one form or another. In most cases the asbestos is likely to be inert. This means that it’s undamaged and unlikely to be a risk to health. Where asbestos has been disturbed, however, there’s a chance of the microscopic fibres becoming airborne and this is a serious health hazard. Amianto carries out comprehensive surveys on Cambridge properties. The survey will determine whether ACMs (Asbestos Containing Materials) are present, and their condition.

Asbestos Removals Contractor for Cambridge

As a trusted local asbestos contractor, we provide a range of HSE licensed services including surveys, environmental testing and asbestos management.

Asbestos surveys are conducted by third party consultants. They inspect the premises for ACMs. Should asbestos be discovered, samples are collected and then analysed at our UKAS accredited laboratories.

Should asbestos be discovered on your premises, Amianto will manage the removal and disposal process for you. A second survey is carried out after the removal, which includes air monitoring to ensure that no health risk remains. The environment needs to comply with the ISO17025 standard before Amianto sign off on the removals process.

Contact Amianto Asbestos Removals in Cambridge for a Prompt Asbestos Survey

Asbestos removals specialists are accredited by the HSE. This ensures that they have the appropriate qualifications, skills and experience to work in close contact with this extremely dangerous material.

Our services include:

1. Surveys and Testing. First the Amianto team will ascertain whether or not asbestos is present. If ACMs are discovered, they are then analysed at UKAS accredited laboratories. If the asbestos is found to be hazardous, the environment will be monitored before, during and after removal to check the concentration of airborne fibres.

2. Removal and Monitoring. If hazardous asbestos is found on your premises, the site will be cleared and sealed off. Leak testing will check the integrity of the sealed off area throughout the removals process.

3. Post Removal. Once asbestos has been removed from your Cambridge premises, Amianto carries out post removal testing. These include a detailed visual inspection, and air monitoring to check the concentration of microscopic asbestos fibres in the atmosphere.

Amianto is a highly rated, HSE accredited, asbestos removals contractor in Cambridge

If you would like the Amianto team to carry out a survey, or a managed asbestos removal in Cambridge, call the team today on 01707 707050.

Amianto provides asbestos identification and removal for domestic, commercial and industrial premises in the private and public sectors. For professional asbestos surveys in Cambridge call us on 01707 707050 to find out more.