Asbestos Removal Bedfordshire

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Up until the end of the 1980s, when asbestos was banned as a building material, it was regularly used in Bedfordshire homes for lagging pipes, roofing, or in ceiling tiles. The hazards of using asbestos are now well documented, and public health bodies recommend its immediate removal if discovered in domestic properties in Bedfordshire, or disturbed as part of a renovation, or refurbishment project.


The law banning all types of asbestos in buiding works was finally passed in 1999, five years ahead of the European deadline. It’s hard to assess the number of commercial properties containing asbestos in Bedfordshire, but given its popularity as a building material it’s likely to be high. Timely asbestos removal in Bedfordshire commercial properties is critical given the hazardous nature of the material; it is estimated that over 5000 deaths each year are caused by exposure to asbestos fibres.


If your domestic or commercial property was built mid-twentieth century or before, it’s highly likely that asbestos was used in its construction. Undetected asbestos is considered a latent health hazard; if asbestos is disturbed, fine asbestos fibres are released which cause serious and critical health conditions if inhaled. As a provider of asbestos removal for Bedfordshire, our HSE accredited third party consultants carry out surveys to identify the presence and location of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) in your premises.

Professional Surveying and Asbestos Removal in Bedfordshire

Amianto has an enviable track record when it comes to the professional management of Asbestos Contaning Materials (ACMs).

Our surveys are carried out by HSE accredited third party consultants; they assess the level of ACMs present, and test sample specimens at HSE accredited labs. Their testing processes are strictly in line with with current UK legislation, and the results are guaranteed to be accurate.

Should the surveys show there is asbestos in your property, we will manage its safe removal and disposal for you. Once the premises are cleared, we then repeat the survey and assessment to check that the concentration of airborne fibre levels is below the recommended limit. As experts in asbestos removal for Bedfordshire, we are stringent in our compliance with the government guidelines, requiring that air monitoring complies fully with the ISO17025 standard.

Find out if you have undetected asbestos in your Bedfordshire commercial or domestic property, by calling Amianto asbestos removal contractors.

The Amianto asbestos removal team are both highly skilled and thoroughly experienced in their field. They are able to offer asbestos removal management, and air monitoring. Services include:

Before starting work, we will do thorough background monitoring checks to ascertain the level of airborne fibres in the environment.

Once asbestos removal work begins we will carry out regular air monitoring outside the work enclosure in order to guarantee the integrity of the work boundary.

Once asbestos removal in Bedfordshire is complete we will conduct air monitoring and visual inspections to ensure the safety of the environment.

Asbestos Removal Bedfordshire

Amianto provide safe and effective asbestos identification and removal in Bedfordshire

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We offer asbestos identification and removal for domestic, commercial and industrial premises in both the public and private sectors. For comprehensive asbestos surveys across Bedfordshire, call us on 01707 707050 to find out more.