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HSE Licensed asbestos removals in Bedford. Amianto provides a comprehensive range of services including asbestos removals, management, and surveys for the commercial and domestic sector.

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Throughout the twentieth century asbestos was considered a highly effective insulating material, and it was cheap and plentiful. As such it was used extensively in Bedford construction for lagging, corrugated roofing and tiling. By the 1980s, evidence of the hazardous nature of asbestos had become overwhelming.

Asbestos is a mineral that occurs naturally. It’s made up of millions of minuscule fibres. If damaged, or exposed without proper precautions, the fibres can become airborne. When inhaled, asbestos can become lodged deep in the lungs causing long term health issues. Over time this may cause mesothelioma, lung cancer or chronic shortness of breath.

This hazardous material was banned from use in the UK in 1999. There are, however, thousands of building that still contain ACMs (asbestos containing materials). It’s important to survey your home for ACMs, especially if you’re planning a DIY project or refurbishment.

Amianto offers HSE licensed surveys, designed to discover whether your home contains ACMs. The process is one of visual inspection, followed up with a comprehensive report of our findings and recommendations.

If you would like an asbestos survey carried out in your home, call Amianto on 01707 707050. We’re a local asbestos removals company with extensive experience and a great reputation.


Asbestos is known as the ‘silent killer’ because it can take decades before the effects of inhalation are diagnosed in the form of deadly diseases. It remains the biggest occupational killer worldwide, and in Britain around 5,000 people die from work-related asbestos exposure each year.

Asbestos is an extremely hazardous material. If demolition or major refurbishment is planned there is a legal requirement for an asbestos survey to be commissioned. Amianto will carry out a thorough investigation of the premises, and send off samples to check for ACMs. Any asbestos discovered will need to be removed professionally prior to work beginning.


The majority of Bedford’s buildings were constructed in the course of the twentieth century. There’s a high likelihood, therefore, that they contain asbestos in the form of ACMs. Often our surveys discover asbestos in its inert state. In this case it’s safe, because it’s undamaged. Where planned refurbishment or construction work would cause it to be disturbed, ACMs need to be professionally removed.

Amianto carries out asbestos surveys on Bedford buildings to determine whether or not ACMs are present. A detailed report of the findings with determine the location and condition of any ACMs discovered.

Asbestos Removals Contractor for Bedford

Amianto is an established, and locally trusted asbestos contractor for Bedford. We have a reputation for providing prompt and professionally managed asbestos management, surveys, environmental testing, and safe removals.

Bedford asbestos surveys are carried out by 3rd party consultants. If they discover asbestos in Bedford buildings, samples are extracted and sent for analysis to UKAS accredited laboratories.

Amianto is an HSE licensed asbestos contractor. As such, we are accredited for the safe and professional removal and disposal of asbestos. Once the process is complete, we carry out air monitoring to ensure that the concentration of asbestos fibres meets European standards, before allowing anyone back on site.

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We use only highly trained professionals to carry out surveys and asbestos removal. The Amianto team is licensed by the HSE to carry out:

1. Surveys and Testing. The aim of a survey is always to find out whether a building contains ACMs. If our experts suspect that this is the case they send samples to UKAS accredited labs for analysis. A detailed report will subsequently provide recommendations and guidance if ACMs are found.

2. Removal and Monitoring. If asbestos is discovered on a site where construction or demolition work is planned, it needs to be removed. The site will be sealed and leak testing is carried out to ensure the integrity of the seal throughout.

3. Post Removal. Once buildings in Bedford have had asbestos removed, the Amianto team will carry out a post removal survey. This involves a detailed visual inspection, and air monitoring to ensure that the site meets with the ISO17025 standard.


Amianto offers reliable asbestos identification and safe removal in commercial, industrial and domestic properties across Bedford.

For HSE licensed asbestos removals call us on 01707 707050.

Amianto offers local professional asbestos identification and removal. We have extensive experience working in domestic, commercial and industrial properties across Bedford. For HSE licensed asbestos removals call us on 01707 707050.