Asbestos Removal Bath

Amianto provides HSE licensed asbestos removals in Bath. We also offer surveys and management for commercial and domestic clients. Call us today on 01707 707050.


Until the 1980s asbestos was used as an insulating material in pipes, lagging, roofing and tiles for construction work across the UK. It’s cost effectiveness and plentiful supply meant that it was extensively used for house building. By the end of the century, evidence of the dangers inherent in asbestos had come to light, and it was banned in 1999.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral comprising millions of microscopic fibres. When in its natural state asbestos is not a hazard, but when damaged the fibres can be released into the air. If inhaled, these fibres can do great damage to your lungs, causing long term health problems. Over time this can develop into lung cancer, shortness of breath or mesothelioma.

Despite having been banned for use in construction work in 1999, asbestos still haunts our urban landscape. There are hundreds of homes across the UK that were built using asbestos containing materials (ACMs). If your house was built before 2000 it’s important to carry out an asbestos survey, particularly if you’re planning a big DIY project.

Amianto offers Bath homeowners HSE licensed surveys. These are designed to determine the likelihood of ACMs being present in your home. We carry out a non-intrusive, visual inspection of your property, followed up with a comprehensive report. If you would like to know whether your home contains asbestos containing materials (ACMs), call Amianto on 01707 707050. We’re a local asbestos removals company that responds fast to enquiries.


There was a good deal of domestic and commercial construction work carried out in Bath during the 20th century. The likelihood is high that these buildings contain ACMs in one form or another. If we carry out an asbestos survey on a commercial building and discover asbestos that doesn’t pose a risk, we recommend that it’s monitored but not removed. Where there’s the possibility of the asbestos being disturbed, it will need to be professionally extracted and the site made safe.

At Amianto we carry out professional asbestos surveys in domestic and commercial properties across Bath. Our aim is always to determine the risk posed by ACMs. Every survey generates a detailed report listing likelihood of asbestos being present, types of ACMs, and their current condition.


Amianto Professional Asbestos Surveys and Removals in Bath

Amianto is a local, well established asbestos surveys and removals contractor for Bath. We guarantee rapid and professional surveys, environmental air testing, and asbestos removals.

Bath asbestos surveys are conducted by our 3rd party consultants. If ACMs are discovered, they will extract samples and send them for analysis to UKAS accredited aboratories.

We’re an HSE licensed asbestos contractor in Bath. This means that we can be trusted to carry out safe and comprehensive removal of ACMs from buildings. Once we have removed the asbestos, we carry out air monitoring to check that the concentration of fibres in the air complies with European standards.

Contact Amianto Asbestos Removals in Bath for an Asbestos Survey

Every member of the Amianto team is a highly trained professional who has the skills and experience to carry out asbestos surveys, and removals. We are licensed by the HSE to carry out:

  1. Surveys & Testing. Identification of ACMs, and analysis of samples in UKAS accredited labs.
  2. Monitoring & Removal. Site is sealed and leak testing carried out as asbestos is removed.
  3. Post Removal. Visual inspection, and air monitoring to achieve ISO17025 standard.
Asbestos Removal Bath

Amianto provides accredited asbestos identification and safe removal. We’re an experienced team working in the domestic and commercial sectors in Bath.

If you would like the Amianto team to carry out a survey, or a managed asbestos removal in Bath, call us today on 01707 707050.

For local HSE licensed asbestos removals call us on 01707 707050.