Asbestos Removal Aylesbury

Amianto is a local provider of HSE licensed asbestos removals in Aylesbury. We offer surveys, sampling and the safe removal and disposal of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs). For information on all our services, call Amianto on 01707 707050.


Throughout the 20th century asbestos was considered an effective insulating material. It was also cheap and in plentiful supply. As a result, materials containing asbestos were used in the construction of most houses built in the UK. From the 1980s onwards the harmful effects of asbestos inhalation started to become known, and in 1999 it was banned for use in construction.

If you’re buying an older property, or you’re living in one and planning major refurbishment, we would recommend a non-intrusive Asbestos Survey. This will determine whether or not ACMs (Asbestos Containing Materials) are present. Where the asbestos is damaged, or is likely to be disturbed by building works, it should be safely removed by professionals.



Although asbestos was banned from use in 1999, it’s estimated that there’s still 6 million tonnes in the UK, contained in up to 1.5 million buildings. Recent research revealed that older public buildings such as hospitals or schools are very likely to contain ACMs (Asbestos Containing Materials). The hazardous nature of asbestos means that the ongoing risk needs to be managed. Anyone managing a workplace located in a building constructed prior to 1999 has a legal responsibility to carry out an asbestos survey.

Any refurbishment or demolition planning requires a mandatory asbestos survey. Should asbestos be discovered, a licensed asbestos removals team will be required to extract, and safely dispose of the hazardous material.


An asbestos survey will determine whether or not a building is likely to contain ACMs. If the likelihood is high, sampling will be carried out and a full report on the nature and condition off the ACMs produced. Amianto work with 3rd party consultants who carry out a range of asbestos surveys in Aylesbury.

  • Domestic Surveys. If you’re planning to buy a property built over 20 years ago, it’s a good idea to have a domestic asbestos survey done. The initial investigation is visual, and non-intrusive. A full report will determine whether or not ACMs are present in the property.
  • Commercial Surveys. Building managers, or owners, have a legal requirement to carry out asbestos surveys on workplaces built prior to 1999. This is a visual, non-intrusive survey of the building’s surfaces and – where accessible – plant. A report will detail whether or not ACMs were used in the construction of the building.
  • Refurbishment & Demolition Surveys. If demolition, or major refurbishment, of a building constructed over 20 years ago is planned, an asbestos survey is mandatory. This is an intrusive investigation of the building fabric in order to investigate fully whether ACMs are present. If asbestos is discovered, it will need to be professionally removed and disposed of.

Professional Asbestos Removals in Aylesbury

The hazardous nature of asbestos means that there are strict regulations governing its removal. Amianto is a local HSE licensed asbestos contractor working in Aylesbury. Our removals team are skilled asbestos professionals who have experience working with asbestos in a variety of different environments.

Removal and Monitoring – If ACMs are discovered and identified as a risk to health, the site is immediately sealed. Our specialist removals team will carry out leak testing to ensure that the site remains secure whilst the asbestos is removed safely.

Post Removal – Once hazardous ACMs have been removed from premises in Aylesbury, further air monitoring and visual inspections of the site are carried out. The seal remains intact until we have clear evidence that the concentration of asbestos particles in the environment complies with the ISO17025 standard.

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Asbestos Removal Aylesbury

Amianto provides prompt and efficient asbestos surveys, and safe removal in Aylesbury.

Amianto provides Asbestos Surveys and Removals for domestic, commercial and industrial premises. For comprehensive asbestos surveys across Aylesbury, call us on 01707 707050 to find out more.

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